Gala Project offers a physical and virtual piano playing experience. The problem statement of the project is that people are having a hard time playing piano due to the fact that the conventional system the musical notes are presented in sheet music is complicated. The project aims to rewrite sheet music by creating a new graphic notation in which every musical component will be represented by different geometric shapes and visuals. This system will enable people with no music education to make music and play the popular film soundtracks on piano. In addition, by using the new graphic language the project creates a 3d a virtual instrument in the form of a playful interactive experience. Enabled by a hand movement tracking censor, Leap Motion Controller, users play songs through interacting with geometric shapes as they float their hands in the air. 

Gala experience contains:
-A printed book with a Guide and Sheet Music for 6 film soundtracks.
-Sheet music of the 6 film soundtracks separately printed out in A4 paper.
-Set of stickers of geometric shapes to be sticked on keyboard to the correct note correspondences.
-A desktop game: Virtual experimental instrument composed of 3d geometric shapes that give the sound of notes. A tutorial and different playing rooms for each song.